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University of Otago Profile

Founded in 1869, Otago is New Zealand’s first university. It enjoys a world-wide reputation for excellence, successfully balancing the traditions of its history with modern scholarship and research. It offers a unique campus lifestyle, creating a culture of learning that reflects the special characteristics of New Zealand together with international academic values.

The University of Otago is a multi-faceted institution, whose influence spreads far beyond its campuses, contributing strongly to the culture of the nation and its economy.

An Otago education blends a traditional concern for quality with an innovative response to the needs of a modern, global society. The University is recognised as a world-class research institution with particular prowess in the health-related and biological sciences. It has also earned a reputation for its entrepreneurial acumen and commercial energy, particularly in biotechnological applications.

Over the past three decades, Otago has extended into other main cities of New Zealand. While the administrative centre and the majority of academic activities remain in Dunedin, the University also has a campus in Wellington, Christchurch and Invercargill and centre in Auckland.


Last modified: June 6th, 2013