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Tuition fees are payable to the university you are enrolled at.

International PhD students who are accepted for enrolment at a New Zealand university pay the same fees as New Zealand domestic students.


Indicative Fee Comparisons

Please refer to the individual university websites for confirmation of these figures.


2017 International Fees (PDF 151KB)

2016 International Fees (PDF 234KB)

2017 Domestic Fees (PDF 251KB)

2016 Domestic Fees (PDF 152KB)



Historical Information

Fees and comparison tables for previous years may be accessed as follows:


Domestic fees

1993-1995 (PDF 409KB)

1996-2000 (PDF 1.15MB)

2001-2005 (PDF 2.32MB)

2006-2010 (PDF 302KB)

2011 (PDF 143KB)

2012 (PDF 266KB)

2013 (PDF 85KB)

2014 (PDF 140KB)

2015 (PDF 143KB)


International fees

1991-1995 (PDF 2.16 MB)

1996-2000 (PDF 2.39 MB)

2001-2005 (PDF 2.6 MB)

2006-2010 (PDF 283 KB)

2011 (PDF 147KB)

2012 (PDF 202 KB)

2013 (PDF 73KB)

2014 (PDF 148KB)

2015 (PDF 151KB)

Last modified: January 10th, 2017