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Why go to university?

He aha e ako ai ki te whare wānanga?

Think of a university education as an investment. It opens more options and opportunities for your future. We know that graduates from universities are happier, healthier and earn more.


University is also an opportunity for you to...

ENGAGE | Me aro

With leading teachers and researchers from a top 3% world-ranked university.

CONNECT | Me hono

Through internships and work placements with employers and industry.

ENHANCE | Me whakapakari

Cultural understanding, global awareness and community involvement.

DEVELOP | Me tipu

Specialist knowledge. Critical thinking, research and analytical skills.
Communication, interpersonal, and information technology skills.

DISCOVER | Me whakahura

Student life – student groups, clubs, activities.

EXPERIENCE & EXPLORE | Me rongo & me rapa

Study abroad and student exchange programmes.