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Welcome! Kia ora! Talofa lava!

Why go to university? Here are the top ten reasons:

  1. You can gain a world-class university education right here at home - all New Zealand universities are ranked in the top 3% (500) of universities in the world.

  2. Good employment outlook - 98% of graduates are employed.

  3. A degree is an investment in your future - on average students pay off their loans within seven years.

  4. Graduates earn more than non-graduates - graduates earn on average $1.4 million more over their working lives than non-graduates,  This figure is higher for medical doctors, engineers and IT graduates.

  5. Future-proof yourself - graduates have the skills and agility to futureproof them for their careers - not just their first job.

  6. Our qualifications are of high-quality and internationally respected.

  7. Graduates are happier and healthier than non-graduates, are involved in their communities, and more likely to vote.

  8. Gain work placement and intern oppportunities - many courses offer the opportunity to get work place experience as you study.

  9. Develop global skills and capability - many universities offer international exchange opportunities so you can study abroad.

  10. Meet new people and try new opportunities through the clubs you can join on campus.

What’s it like?

Each university website has blogs, videos and information that tell you what it’s like when you’re starting out and what you need to know.

It’s also a good idea to go to the open days, and once you’re enrolled to go to Orientation to get off to a good start. You’ll find out how things work, learn how to be study smart, and meet others like you.

Find out more about each university.