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Safe, secure and sustainable internationalisation

Meeting – April 12-13, Washington DC

  • On April 12-13 the major convening associations of universities from Australia, UK, USA, New Zealand, Canada and Germany met in Washington DC to continue their discussions on ways in which the organizations can support safe and secure   internationalization.
  •  Our organizations have been meeting on a regular basis for the past three years to share insights, experiences and best practices on issues relating to security and risk in international collaboration.
  • The basis for the meeting is that we are committed to the shared values of academic freedom, freedom of expression and the autonomy of researchers and institutions to collaborate across borders in research and higher education.
  • We welcome and acknowledge the progress made by our respective governments in working with the university sector to address these concerns and challenges.
  • We thank the research, science and security officials who joined our discussions including the Executive Office of the President, US Department of State, National Science Foundation, Office of the Director of National Intelligence and Federal Bureau of Investigation, for their insights and expertise.
  • Despite these advances, we need to continue to be vigilant. The issue of foreign malign influence is a significant risk. We are working to ensure that the open and collaborative research that underpins global prosperity can continue.
  • We are committed to prioritizing national security, and stand ready to work with our respective governments to develop processes to identify and appropriately manage legitimate national security risks associated with global research collaboration, while ensuring that universities may continue to realize the opportunities that come from internationalization.
  •  We ask governments to continue to engage meaningfully with universities to deepen our mutual understanding of the issues in research security and the efforts of both parties to address them.
  • As per our statement of intent released in December 2021, we will:
    • Continue to make the positive case for safe, secure and sustainable internationalization in higher education – and the value this brings to our respective communities.
    • Share experiences and insights to help inform policy and practice.
    • Support actions to promote and support internationalization of our research and education enterprises.
    • Seek opportunities to enhance research and higher education cooperation between the institutions we represent.