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Top reasons to study in New Zealand

1. New Zealand offers a world-class education.  All eight universities are ranked within the top 3% in the world. New Zealand universities were ranked in the top 50 universities in the world in 22 different subjects, and in the top 100 in 39 (out of a possible 46) subjects.

2. New Zealand’s universities have a rigorous quality assurance system which ensures the integrity of a degree from a New Zealand university.

3. New Zealand graduates experience good outcomes – they learn critical thinking skills, have high employment levels, and are well regarded by employers.

4. New Zealand qualifications are widely recognised internationally through the Lisbon Qualification Recognition Convention.

5. New Zealand is a safe, welcoming and tolerant country.

6. Fees for international PhD students are set at the same rates as domestic students.

7. Pre-pandemic, 34,000 international students chose to study at a New Zealand university.

8. New Zealand has a Pastoral Care Code of Practice for international students to ensure their safety and wellbeing.

9. International students rate New Zealand highly as a study destination.

10. 92% of international students choose to study in New Zealand because of the reputation of our universities.

Am I an international student?

Domestic students are:

  • New Zealand citizens, or hold a New Zealand residence class visa; or
  • Australian citizens or permanent residents currently residing in New Zealand; or
  • New Zealand citizens from the Cook Islands, Tokelau or Niue.

Check here for the definition of a domestic student – Ministry of Education

Otherwise you are an international student.

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For advice about obtaining New Zealand residency, contact Immigration New Zealand.