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Our university sector is unique

  • New Zealand is home to eight universities of the highest quality. All are ranked in the top 3% (600) universities in the world.

  • New Zealand’s universities are also highly ranked by subject. Our universities rank in the world’s top 100 in 31 out of a possible 54 subjects. Individual universities appear in the top 50 for courses in Archaeology, English Language & Literature, Linguistics, Engineering - Civil and Structural, Anatomy & Physiology, Psychology, Veterinary Science, Anthropology, Development Studies, Education, Sport-related subjects, Marketing.1

  • New Zealand graduates enjoy some of the best graduate outcomes in the world – with high completion and employment rates and low rates of under-employment. Read more on graduate outcomes.

  • New Zealand universities have a robust and multi-layered quality assurance system, which ensures programmes, teaching and learning are of a very high standard.2

  • The strong reputation of New Zealand universities is the key reason 93% of our international university students choose to study in the country.3

  • Seven of our universities are comprehensive universities, offering a broad range of subjects, including arts, sciences, commerce, engineering and health sciences. Lincoln University is a specialist land-based university.

  • Visit the profile page for each university (see links to each on this page).

  • Read how New Zealand universities are growing the economydriving research and innovationefficient and effectivedelivering quality teaching and learningenriching knowledge and understanding and building Māori and Pacific success.

University demographics

  • There are 177,210 university students in New Zealand (i.e., 135,445 equivalent full-time students).4

  • 147,915 are New Zealand students – of whom 13% are Māori (18,420) and 9% are Pacific (13,675).4

  • 17% (29,300) are international students.4

  • 43% are studying at postgraduate level.4

  • 43,100+ graduates a year, 95% at bachelor's level and above.5

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