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Brian Gaynor Initiatives - Business Writing and Journalism Excellence Award

The aim of the award is to promote excellent and well-informed business writing and journalism in New Zealand. Possible Initiatives that can be supported through this award include funding for investigative research, short course study, attendance at a business journalism conference, or support for a bespoke business journalism project such as a book or documentary.


Journalists, writers and editors, both staff and freelance, as well as news organisations, based in New Zealand.

  • Applicants working in all forms of media will be considered – text, audio, video, online, electronic and print media.
  • Applicants need not be working in business reporting, but the proposal must be related to economic, financial, or business issues.

Applicants must be either:

  • working for a New Zealand news or current affairs publisher, OR
  • working in New Zealand as a freelance journalist 


  • Be a member of, or be willing to adhere to the principles established by, the New Zealand Media Council, and
  • Agree to adhere to, and be subject to, the Broadcasting Standards Codebook and Broadcasting Standards Authority processes.


Value and Number awarded:

One or more awards will be made each year.

The current annual value of the funds available for the award is up to NZ$40,000.

No award will be granted if the selection panel is of the opinion that there is no candidate who is of sufficient merit.

Opening date

1 August 2024

Closing date:

30 September 2024

How to apply:

Check your eligibility.

Please  use this link to acccess the Terms and Conditions for this award.

Applying for the award is an on-line application process. A link to the application website is available here.

Decisions made:

around the middle of November.