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NZ Graduate Outcomes (Census-based)

Where will my qualification take me? What qualification do I typically need for a particular job? What could I earn? Should I consider postgraduate study?

These pages have job and qualification information to help you make choices about your study and career. Based on 2018 Census data, they outline the qualifications, jobs and earnings of New Zealanders aged 30-39 years. This age range was chosen to show what recent graduates, who are established in their career, are earning.

Graduate Outcomes Tool (IDI-based)

The Graduate Outcomes Tool presents the economic and employment outcomes for tertiary graduates who completed studies in New Zealand between 2009 and 2015. It follows their outcomes for up to six years after they complete their studies.

Developed using the Integrated Data Infrastructure (IDI), this interactive tool is designed to help explain the outcomes for cohorts of graduates. Monthly indicators relating to the economic outcomes of graduates present a dynamic story about the transition and outcomes of domestic graduates, taking into account ethnicity, gender, level of study, subsector (university or non-university graduates) and broad fields of completed study.