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Universities NZ becomes signatory to ORCID Joint Statement of Principle

29 July 2016 | news

Universities New Zealand has become a signatory to the ORCID Joint Statement of Principle along with other research organisations and key government agencies.

We strongly encourage and the support the use of ORCD iD as a common researcher identifier across New Zealand's research and science system.

Researchers, research institutions, publishers and funding bodies routinely face the problem of accurately linking research publications, data and other research activities to the right researcher. A unique persistent identifier resolves problems of name ambiguity in search and discovery and can ensure that works are correctly and unambiguously attributed to their creator.

ORCID solves this long-standing problem by providing a persistent digital identifier (ORCID iD) that distinguishes each researcher. Identifiers are a basis for digital data governance because they enable machine readability, disambiguate and enforce uniqueness, and enable accurate attribution and data integration. 

Along with the Health Research Council of New Zealand, the Independent Research Association of New Zealand, the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry for Primary Industries, the New Zealand Association of Scientists, the Royal Society of New Zealand, Science New Zealand, the Tertiary Education Commission, we recognise:

1. the value of unique researcher identifiers in reducing red tape, increasing efficiency, improving data quality, integrating disparate data, promoting the reuse of data, and enhancing the discoverability and visibility of New Zealand research domestically and internationally

2. that widespread adoption and use of ORCID iD across New Zealand’s research system has many tangible benefits across the sector

3. that ORCID iD aligns with the government’s data and information management principles: open, protected, readily available, trusted and authoritative, well managed, reasonably priced and reusable.

As a matter of principle we:

1. Strongly encourage the use of ORCID iD across the research and science system

2. Commit to support the use of ORCID iD as a common researcher identifier across New Zealand’s research and science system.