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Piki Ake Transition Programme

Changing the trajectory for upcoming Māori researchers

The Piki Ake transition programme is a whole-of-university sector initiative designed to grow the Māori academic workforce. Aimed at Māori postgraduate students, the programme will provide participants with a greater understanding of an ‘academic career’ and working within the academy. 

Through dedicated ‘Manu Taupua’ roles, the Piki Ake transition programme will provide local ongoing support for participants as they work through online modules and will facilitate a series of ā-kanohi wānanga.

Piki Ake will also allow our universities to connect, coordinate and share best practice. This in turn will drive long-lasting institutional cultural change and transformation that will benefit future generations of Māori researchers.

Supported by the New Zealand Vice Chancellors Committee, Piki Ake is a joint initiative led and designed by Te Kāhui Amokura and the Research Committee at Universities New Zealand – Te Pōkai Tara.


Piki Ake Transition Programme

The Piki Ake programme is primary delivered online, with six self-directed learning modules and two online blended wānanga components. 

For more information you can download our student guide - Piki Ake Transition Programme Student Guide

Programme modules




Module 1


Part 1

Provides an understanding of an academic career and an overview of structure and process within a New Zealand university.

Module 2


Part 2

Enables you to you identify/navigate support networks within your institution and gives an understanding and awareness of the wider university structure.

Module 3


Helps you start to build a research toolkit, develop your own research identity ‘niche’, and become aware of research processes/policies within New Zealand universities.

Module 4


Covers effective pedagogy and identifies teaching development services, along with developing your teaching portfolio and confidence in negotiating teaching workload.

Module 5


Helps you start to develop a service portfolio and understand service load while developing self-awareness of managing service load.

Module 6


Brings together the work of this programme to enable you to develop skills and knowledge to transition into an academic career path.

Programme timeline

The Piki Ake programme will run twice in 2023. Each programme will run for a total of 14 weeks during semester one and semester two.


Semester 1

Semester 2

Enrolments close:

13 March 2023

21 July 2023

Piki Ake programme starts:

27 March 2023

31 July 2023

Piki Ake programme finishes:

30 June 2023

3 November 2023

How to apply

Eligibility Guidelines

The Piki Ake programme is focused on transitioning Māori onto an academic career pathway. The following guidelines have been developed to help you determine if the programme might be right for you. 

 Whakapapa Māori.

  1. Be enrolled in a PhD or Masters level programme at a New Zealand university.
  2. We encourage participants from a range of disciplinary backgrounds.
  3. Must be able to commit for the entire Piki Ake programme.
  4. Have an interest in pursuing an academic career.


To apply or register your interest contact your university's Manu Taupua - Contact details are listed here.