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FMB Reynolds Scholarship in Law to Oxford

The purpose of the scholarship is to assist New Zealand law graduates to commence postgraduate study in Law at the University of Oxford. 

The  FMB  Reynolds  Scholarship  in  Law  to  Oxford  has  been  established  to recognise  the  support  that  Emeritus  Professor  Francis  Reynolds,  Worcester College, Oxford has provided to New Zealand law students at the University ofOxford for over 40 years.


Applications will be accepted from any person who:

a)  is a New Zealand citizen or permanent resident.

b)  has completed the requirements for a LLB degree from a New Zealand university.

c)  at  the  date  of  application  has  applied  for  a  place  in  a  postgraduate programme in Law at the University of Oxford.

Value and Number awarded:

One scholarship will be offered each year.

The current annual value of the funds available for the scholarship is NZ$10,000.

No scholarships will be awarded if the selection panel is of the opinion that there is no candidate who is of sufficient merit.

Closing date:

28 February

How to apply:

Check your eligibility.

Read the Regulations.

Applying for the scholarship is an on-line application process. A link to the application website is available here.

Decisions made:

by the end of April