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International engagement

International policy & engagement

International education is New Zealand’s 4th largest export industry, worth $4.28 billion per year.

Universities New Zealand works with all eight New Zealand universities to advance international education opportunities.

What is international education?

International Education includes:

  • attracting international students to study in New Zealand
  • facilitating opportunities for New Zealand students to study offshore to globalise their thinking and experience
  • international research collaborations and partnership, with other Governments or education institutions.

Benefits of international education

International education benefits New Zealanders in may ways. It:

  • develops globalised citizens – our students are equipped to work in a globalised world.
  • enhances cultural awareness and exposes students to differing perspectives - our students learn about other cultures, and students from other cultures learn about our own
  • develops global ambassadors – when students return to their home countries or go offshore, they act as ambassadors for New Zealand
  • develops global networks – students connect with future business, academic and political leaders across the world

Economic benefit

International education contributed $4.28 billion to the New Zealand economy over 2015/16. The university sector made up 27.9% of this figure, contributing $1.127 million to the economy.

Hosting international students at our universities and having New Zealand students study offshore develops links between New Zealanders and people from other countries that further our trade, business, diplomatic and research goals.

International collaboration is fundamental to the work of our academics, enabling the best and brightest minds from around the world to work together to address issues facing New Zealand and the world.

Operating environment

We work with New Zealand Government agencies to ensure policy settings are aligned and support international education opportunities.

We also work with Government agencies and education organisations from around the world to facilitate the international education objectives of our university sector.

International agreements

Universities New Zealand has a number of agreements with our counterpart organisations, and government agencies around the world.

Our partners include, but are not limited to:

The universities themselves have around 1000 agreements with institutions around the world.

For more information, see how universities are Advancing International Education