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Career pathways

New Zealand graduates experience good outcomes and are equipped with the professional or industry knowledge they need, as well as the skills they need throughout their career, not just their first job.

There are several options to get information to plan your career and your courses, gain work experience, and to find jobs.

Career planning and advice options:

UNZ's Graduate outcomes pages have job and qualification information to help make choices about your study and career. It helps to answer questions inlcuding: Where will my qualification take me? What qualification do I typically need for a particular job? What could I earn? Should I consider postgraduate study?

Careers New Zealand provides databases, tools and tips to help you plan your career or find a job.

Nomajordrama is a web app that helps students decide what to study at university.

Occupation Outlook contains education, employment and income information on 60 key occupations in New Zealand.  These 60 were chosen for their size, popularity, and potential for future growth.  Therse are not all the career options available for consideration.

Vocational pathways helps secondary students to develop their own individual education plans, ensure they are better informed and can make better choices to meet their goals.

New Zealand universities offer:

Career information – each university has a careers team to help you with career planning, course advice, job seeking and graduate recruitment opportunities with employers. Contact your university or check university websites.

Work experience – each university offers opportunities for students to gain work experience through placements, internships or exchanges. Check with your university to discover what opportunities are available.

Graduate surveys – most universities carry out graduate surveys which may help inform your career and course decisions. Contact your university or check university websites.

Graduate Longitudinal Survey – this survey is tracking outcomes for a recent cohort of New Zealand graduates. Check out how they are faring.

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