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University quality policies and procedures

The external quality assurance responsibilities of the Committee on University Academic Programmes (CUAP) and the Academic Quality Agency for New Zealand Universities (AQA) are designed to support, monitor and validate universities' internal processes. Universities’ systems for monitoring and enhancing quality in their teaching and learning, research and administrative activities, and facilities, are ongoing and subject to regular internal and external review including:

• Internal programme approval and review processes

• Departmental reviews

• Student course and programme evaluations

• The use of external examiners

• Regular review and comparison of course and programme data (such as grades, pass rates, and completion rates)

• Student surveys

• Staff performance reviews

• Professional diploma and degree accreditation reviews

• Engagement with professional, employer, statutory and regulatory bodies; and

• Research funding bodies.

Assessment of universities’ research performance is carried out by the TEC via the Performance-Based Research Fund quality evaluations. These have taken place in 2003, 2006 and 2012 and the next round is planned for 2018. Universities have regular interactions with government agencies including financial management monitoring undertaken by TEC. Quality assurance in the sector is aided by Ako Aotearoa – the National Centre for Tertiary Teaching Excellence, which advises on good teaching practice and activities which facilitate excellent student learning. More information about universities’ quality systems, policies and processes can be found on the websites of the individual universities. 

Universities publish an academic calendar each year. The Calendars include the academic regulations and policies of the university.  Information includes policies about admission, enrolment, fees and examinations, and academic complaints. Also included in the calendars is information about the qualifications, programmes and courses offered by the university.  Calendars are available on the universities’ websites.