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Building Pacific success

We’ve seen steady increases in Pacific participation and achievement in our universities, increasingly at higher levels of qualifications, underpinned by evidence-based initiatives that aim to build capability, expand the knowledge base of our society and achieve positive outcomes.

Improving Pacific outcomes is an ongoing priority for universities. The universities, through their research, teaching and learning initiatives and student support and pastoral activities, are helping to meet government priorities for Pacific achievement as expressed through the five key objectives in the Statement of National Education and Learning Priorities and Tertiary Education Strategy.

Komiti Pasifika was established in 2018 to advance and promote the collective national interests of New Zealand universities for any matters relating to Pacific advancement.

Key facts

  • 14,520 Pacific students (9% of domestic students). This is an increase of 46% from 2012. 1
  • 21% of Pacific students studying at postgraduate level across the university sector (up from 18% in 2012). 1
  • 11,280 Pacific equivalent full-time students (EFTS) in New Zealand universities – an increase of almost 50% since 2012. 1
  • 9% of all domestic university EFTS. 1
  • Average Pacific EFTS load (EFTS/student enrolments) increased from 0.76 in 2012 to 0.77 in 2021. 1
  • Pacific bachelor's degree EFTS have increased by 53% in universities since 2012. 1

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[1] Education Counts, Tertiary Statistics, Tertiary Participation, provider-based enrolments and provider-based equivalent full-time students, Ministry of Education, 2021 data (updated June 2022).